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Why do we meet with you for a Free Consultation for self defense firearms training?
Our purpose is to set you up for success!

We will spend an hour with you going over all of your specific self defense questions, we will discuss and evaluate training equipment, explain our firearms training program in detail, share our professional background in more detail, discuss your motivation and goals.


“More than any one thing, what we offer at the Urban Defense Academy is peace of mind. As a student of crisis management, you seek to control events within your immediate environment and if necessary, deliver a fight stopping blow to an adversary who would otherwise do you harm. Our Programs assists you in that pursuit.” ~ Jeff Cooper (modified)

Pistol Basics

Practical Pistol for Self Defense

Rifle Basics

  • Rifle Basics – Rifle Familiarization
  • Rifle Basics – Rifle Sight In
  • Rifle Basics – Cleaning the Rifle

Rifle Marksmanship

  • Rifle Marksmanship – Benchrest Marksmanship
  • Rifle Marksmanship – Field Marksmanship

Tactical Carbine

  • Tactical Carbine Course: Phases 1-4

There are certain equipment/gear requirements for some classes, as well as pre-requisites for some classes. We will cover these requirements in the Free Consultation or you can see them listed in the class descriptions. If you are uncertain where to start we can provide guidance during the Free Consultation or by phone conversation.