Learn about us: The School, Our Instructors, our Philosophy

The School

We teach:

  • Practical Pistol Training
  • Tactical Carbine & Rifle Training
  • Armed and Unarmed Self Defense
  • Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

We combine traditional Japanese martial arts study with the comprehensive world of firearms, both pistol and rifle. Thereby, we bridge the gap between armed and unarmed defense. Our programs effectively give the average citizen the tools necessary to save one’s life.

Our Instructors‘ decades of experience teaching and training in both the armed and unarmed arts provides a logical system of learning with proven step-by-step curriculum.

Our job is to give students the physical and psychological means of stopping transgressors.

The training we do here is realistic and practical. Our focus is to teach you how to defend yourself with your firearms, other tools, or unarmed if necessary.

Firearms Training Areas

Dry Fire Area

This is where we teach the principles of firearm use in a safe and controlled environment, free of live ammunition of course.

Airsoft Shoot-House Training Area

Here we teach students how to enter and clear a room and more experienced students can use the house to train force on force with airsoft guns. Configuration of the house can be changed to suit different scenarios. Training exercises are designed to help students experience and learn how to enter or exit a structure, such as one’s home, in a strategic and tactical manner.

Gun Range

We partner with a local private gun range to provide our students with an excellent shooting experience.

Traditional Martial Arts Training Area

This is where we train traditional Japanese martial arts for Kids 6 and up, Teens and Adults.

We specialize in weapon training. Both Every Day Carry (EDC) weapons like the knife and cane, and traditional weapons like the Japanese sword and bo-staff. 

Another thing we do in our traditional training area; we conduct regular workshops on practical subjects, like Women’s Self Defense, Abduction Prevention for Kids, Advanced classes such as weapon disarming, pistol and rifle retention. We can provide training seminars on how to fall and be thrown, and to roll instead of falling, how to survive and get away from a ground fight such as during a riot, dirty ground fighting concepts in case you’ve found yourself on the ground, and so much more.