Phase 1: Practical Pistol Course – Foundation

marksmanship in the practical pistol course

Phase 1 Pistol Course

10 hours: 6 dry fire, 4 live fire

The Phase 1 Pistol Course is for anyone, who wants to become more familiar with the pistol and improve handgun fundamentals. You will gain confidence and skill with the pistol.

We have a proven curriculum that will give you the tools needed for:

Equipment and Modes of Carry
Loading and Unloading
Hands on Manipulation
Proper Sighting Principles
Marksmanship Principles
Proper Shooting Postures
Introduction to Overcoming Malfunctions

A free evaluation is required prior to the first class to assess your equipment and discuss your goals. Contact us to schedule.

If you do not have your own equipment yet or would like guidance on how to select the gun and equipment that is right for you, contact us to schedule Building Your Equipment, a class to give you the critical information needed for you to make an informed decision on gun selection and safe, effective equipment.

Required Equipment: Pistol, approved holster, 2 magazines, magazine holster, gun belt, 150 rounds of ammo

We teach you the steps to Speed Load efficiently.

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