Phase 1: Practical Pistol Course – Foundation

marksmanship in the practical pistol course

Are you ready to take your self-defense skills to the next level? Join us for the Practical Pistol Training Course and become proficient in using a handgun for personal protection. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, our comprehensive program is designed to empower you with the skills necessary to defend yourself.

By enrolling in Phase 1 of the Practical Pistol Training Course, you’ll not only gain a comprehensive understanding of the handgun for self-defense but also develop the muscle memory necessary to react effectively in high-pressure situations. We provide regular reviews and repetitive practice to help you ingrain these skills into your subconscious, ensuring they become second nature.

Phase 1 Pistol Course

10 hours: 6 dry fire, 4 live fire

The Phase 1 Pistol Course is for anyone, who wants to become more familiar with the pistol and improve handgun fundamentals. You will gain confidence and skill with the pistol. This is the foundation to build on the skills and concepts presented in Phases 2, 3 and 4.

We have a proven curriculum that will give you the tools needed for:

Equipment and Modes of Carry
Loading and Unloading
Hands on Manipulation
Proper Sighting Principles
Marksmanship Principles
Proper Shooting Postures
Introduction to Overcoming Malfunctions

Contact us to Schedule your Free Consultation for Firearms Training today!

Why do we meet with you for a Free Consultation for self defense firearms training?
Our purpose is to set you up for success!

We will spend an hour with you going over all of your specific self defense questions, we will discuss and evaluate training equipment, explain our firearms training program in detail, share our professional background in more detail, discuss your motivation and goals.

If you do not have your own equipment yet or would like guidance on how to select the gun and equipment that is right for you, contact us to schedule Pistol Basics – How to Choose the Gun That’s Right for You, a class to give you the critical information needed for you to make an informed decision on gun selection and safe, effective equipment.

Required Equipment for Training: Pistol, approved holster, 2 magazines, magazine holster, gun belt, 150 rounds of ammo

We teach you the steps to Speed Load efficiently.

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