Phase 3 Pistol Course

practical pistol course training in Liberty Hill Texas

10 hours: 6 dry fire, 4 live fire

6wk, 4wk, 3wk or 2 wk formats 

The Practical Pistol Training Course will take your training to the next level. We believe that learning to use a firearm for personal protection is the fastest and most expedient way of gaining skill to protect oneself. It is the great equalizer. We have a comprehensive handgun training program that will teach you everything necessary to use the firearm for self defense.

The Phase 3 Pistol Course continues to build on skills learned in Phase 1 and Phase 2.

  • Review Magazine Changes
  • Review Malfunction Drills
  • Review all Shooting Positions
  • Begin to incorporate moving with the Presentation (the draw)
  • Drawing form Concealed
  • How to search and clear
  • Harries Flashlight Technique for working in low light / no light

Required Equipment: Pistol, approved holster, 2 magazines, magazine holster, gun belt, 200 rounds of ammo

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