Phase 2 Pistol Course

Analyzing the Target in Phase 2 Pistol Course

10 hours: 6 dry fire, 4 live fire

6wk, 4wk, 3wk or 2 wk formats

The Phase 2 Pistol Course is for anyone, who wants to become more familiar with the pistol and improve handgun fundamentals. You will gain confidence and skill with the pistol.

We have a proven curriculum that will give you the tools needed for:

Review Safety
Review Accuracy Concepts
Low Ready / Search Ready Postures
Presentation / The Draw
Magazine Changes / Recharging Drills
Overcoming Malfunctions

Required Equipment: Pistol, approved holster, 2 magazines, magazine holster, gun belt, 150 rounds of ammo

Check out this quick video on just some of what we’ll cover in Phase 2 Pistol Course!

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