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Constant diligence and practice will transform knowledge (how to do something) into a working part of our body (skillset), and that takes time. Commit to your training!

Firearms Training Memberships

Class DescriptionMonth-to-Month RateRange Fees
Private Lesson Classroom$75 / hr
Private Lesson at Gun Range$95 / hrIncluded w/ 2hr Minimum
6 wk / 4wk Handgun Course (12hrs)$375 / personIncluded
40 hrs Comprehensive Defensive Handgun Course$1200 / personIncluded
Class sizes are kept small to ensure personalized attention.

Martial Arts Memberships – Adult

Class DescriptionMonth-to-Month RateRegistration Fee
Traditional Martial Arts$150 / mo$140
Bo Staff (Stick Fighting)$150 / mo$220
Adults UNLIMITED Martial Arts*$220 / mo$220
*One year contract – contact us for details.
** Information about Testing Fees available upon request

Martial Arts Memberships – Kids & Teens

Class DescriptionMonth-to-Month RateRegistration Fee
Kids Martial Arts (Ages 6+)$135 / mo$120
Teens Martial Arts (+/- Age 13+)$135 / mo$120
Teens Sword Class$135 / mo$140
Teens UNLIMITED Martial Arts$175 / mo$140
* Information about Testing Fees available upon request

Workshops & Seminars

Class DescriptionRatesOther Fees
List of Workshops & SeminarsVaries
We are happy to schedule private groups of 4 or more for Adults and 6 or more for Kids/Teens.