Phase 4: Practical Pistol Course

Phase 4 pistol course Liberty Hill TX 78642

10 hours: 6 dry fire, 4 live fire

The Phase 4 Practical Pistol Course is a specialized training program designed to equip participants with advanced skills and techniques for practical shooting scenarios. This comprehensive course is structured with a proven curriculum that focuses on developing specific areas of expertise to enhance overall proficiency.

This class will cover:

  • More sophisticated trigger controls
  • CQC
  • Strong hand firing and manipulation
  • Weak hand firing and manipulation
  • Search and Clear concepts and practice

Throughout the duration of the course, participants will receive instruction from experienced firearms trainers who specialize in self-defense focused practical shooting. The trainers will guide participants through a series of interactive and hands-on training sessions, ensuring that safety protocols are followed and proper firearm handling techniques are practiced.

Required Equipment: Pistol, approved holster, 2 magazines, magazine holster, gun belt, 200 rounds of ammo

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