Traditional Philosophy

colt 1911 Photo credit: @watermark78

It is no secret that we at Urban Defense Academy have a very Traditional Philosophy when it comes to martial arts.

This traditional outlook carries over into our firearms training as well.

Having been personally taught by Michael Harries, enrolled in Gunsite’s Pistol Training Program and having trained with some excellent practitioners in SCTC has ingrained some values and principles that continue to hold true through the test of time no matter what new gadget or new technique rears its head.

Some of our philosophy stems from Jeff Cooper himself, the father of the modern firearms technique, for he had extensive knowledge on most things related to the use of arms for self defense. His words are quoted on our wall here at Urban Defense Academy to set forth our stance on some, at times, controversial topics.

We will be posting a blog series of quotes pertaining to our philosophy and what we do here at Urban Defense Academy, what our training program is about.

“More than any one thing, what we offer at the Urban Defense Academy is peace of mind. As a student of crisis management, you seek to control events within your immediate environment and if necessary, deliver a fight stopping blow to an adversary who would otherwise do you harm. Our Program assists you in that pursuit.”
~ Jeff Cooper (modified)

Photo credit: Watermark78

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