What We Teach

We teach:

Armed and Unarmed Self Defense
Practical Pistol Training
Tactical Carbine and Rifle Training
Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

Our job is to give students the physical and psychological means of stopping transgressors.

The training we do here is realistic and practical. Our focus is to teach you how to defend yourself with your firearms, other tools, or unarmed if necessary.

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Constant diligence and practice will transform knowledge (how to do something) into a working part of our body (skillset), and that takes time.
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Options for the Whole Family


Armed & Unarmed Self Defense

Kids 6-13 yrs

Martial Arts

Teens 14-17 yrs

Self Defense, Martial Arts

Women's Self Defense

Self Defense Skills & Mindset

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Kids Martial Arts

We are dedicated to enriching the lives of children through traditional martial arts training. We have been teaching children for over 20 years. Classes are organized by age groups. We accept children as young as 6yrs old. Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids & Teens …

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Martial Arts for Adults

Martial arts class for adults in Liberty Hill, Texas. Traditional Japanese, self-defense, jujutsu, punching, kicking, wrist-locks, throws, pressure points.