Summer Program – Kids Martial Arts

The Summer Program is way to introduce your kids to martial arts through our normally scheduled evening classes with a short term commitment. This is just a beginning, as martial arts is a long-term study. We provide a fun learning experience for kids over the summer.

Students will learn essential techniques in a step-by-step process, including punching, kicking, and blocking attacks. They will begin to learn rolls and falls to gain the ability to gracefully roll and recover from throws and take-downs. Kids will learn techniques for escaping a bear hug and escaping a pin to the ground. Students work hands-on with other students in a controlled manner to best understand body mechanics and how techniques actually work on an opponent.

Summer Program Schedule

May 28 – Aug 9 (11 weeks)
Friday, August 9th 5:30pm – Kids will test for belt rank advancement
Classes are twice a week.
Choose either M/W 5:30-6:30 or T/Th 4:30-5:30
Ages 6-12yrs, ask about class options for teenagers

We will be closed on the following days/no classes:
May 27
June 6
July 4

Total cost per child – $525 as broken down below:

  • Registration due at sign-up (non-refundable) – $175 – includes: Uniform pants, jacket, school patch, t-shirt, belt training manual, test fee
  • Tuition (@20 training days) – $350 – can be paid in full at sign up or set up as two installments 1st due May 28 and 2nd due July 1 (Contact us to set up installment option)

Click HERE to Sign Up

Please also understand this is pricing specific to the Summer Break time frame of two and half months. If you decide you would like to continue in the fall, tuition is $150/month, test fees are $50, and normal test schedule is usually the last Saturday of each month. We operate on a month to month agreement with 30 day notice to terminate. Contact us for complete details.

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