Teens Martial Arts (ages 14+)

Teens Self Defense Martial Arts

This is a traditional martial arts class for teens.

Curriculum includes punching, kicking and blocking attacks. Students will learn how to roll and fall. These skills will enable students to recover from throws and take-downs. Students will learn to set up and execute throws and take-downs. Gain skill to retain balance (or center) while taking the attackers balance. Students will also learn chokes, joint locks, and pressure points. 

Learn discipline, improve focus and coordination, learn to work through challenges and achieve goals, gain confidence and learn self-defense skills.

At Urban Defense Academy, students learn an authentic Japanese martial art with real-world applications. We strive to honor the ancient teachings while giving our students an understanding of how to adapt the defensive techniques for today’s world.

You Learn:

Daken Tai Jutsu: The art of punching and kicking. Daken Tai Jutsu, said to be one of the original types of Karate, complements Jujutsu to set up throws and takedowns.

Taihenjutsu: The art of saving oneself from falls, trips or throws by rolling and break falling. Perhaps the most important of the various arts encompassed by Ninpo, Taihenjutsu incorporates advanced ground fighting techniques.

Jujutsu: The art of taking the opponent’s center. Jujutsu focuses on joint locks, throws, takedowns, chokes and strikes.

Koppo Jutsu: The art of destruction to the skeletal structure. The Samurai’s armor was disarmed by smashing through its weak points with this ancient art.

Kosshi Jutsu: The art of applying pressure points. Pressure point strikes applied between the openings of the Samurai armor helped to set up the attacker for a finishing blow.

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