Teens Martial Arts (ages 13+)

Teens Self Defense Martial Arts

🥋 Unleash Your Inner Warrior! Join Our Teens Martial Arts Class Today! 🥋

Looking for a martial arts class that combines tradition with practical self-defense skills? Look no further than Urban Defense Academy! Our classes offer a cohesive curriculum that will empower and prepare you for any situation.

What You’ll Learn in Teens Martial Arts

👊 Daken Tai Jutsu: Master the art of punching and kicking, an original form of Karate. Combined with Jujutsu, it sets the foundation for throws and takedowns.

🤸 Taihenjutsu: Learn the art of saving yourself from falls, trips, and throws. Our advanced ground fighting techniques will give you the confidence to control any situation.

🥋 Jujutsu: Take your opponent’s center and dominate the fight. Focus on joint locks, throws, takedowns, chokes, and strikes to gain the upper hand.

💪 Koppo Jutsu: Master the ancient art of destroying the skeletal structure. Break through weak points in your opponent’s armor, disarming them with precision strikes.

🔥 Kosshi Jutsu: Unlock the power of pressure points. Channel your strikes with expert precision and set up the perfect finishing blow.

At Urban Defense Academy we not only teach a traditional Japanese martial art, but we also emphasize practical self-defense techniques. Our curriculum is designed to equip you with the skills you need to protect yourself in real-world scenarios.

In our Teens Martial Arts classes, you will learn essential techniques such as punching, kicking, and blocking attacks. Gain the ability to gracefully roll and recover from throws and take-downs. Master the art of setting up and executing throws while maintaining your balance and control over the opponent. Develop your proficiency in chokes, joint locks, and pressure points for ultimate self-defense effectiveness.

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Have younger Kids ages 6-13? We have classes for them too!

Unwrap the strength, discipline, and confidence that martial arts bring into your life. Enroll today! Let us guide you on a journey of self-improvement and empowerment.

Unlock the warrior within! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to train in a traditional Japanese martial art while gaining the practical self-defense skills needed in today’s world. Join Urban Defense Academy and embark on a transformative martial arts experience.

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