Here are some common FAQ, but please feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have.

1. Is there a dress code at Urban Defense Academy?

Traditional Martial Arts classes (Adults and Kids)

We have a dress code to ensure a safe and distraction free training environment. We expect all students to wear the full martial art uniform (Gi top, Gi pants, belt, black t-shirt, socks) at all times during training. This uniform is included at Registration.

  • No tank tops, sport bras, or bare chest with Gi top. 
  • Urban Defense Academy (Shin Gan Dojo) t-shirt or any plain black t-shirt maybe worn under the Gi top.
  • Clean socks are required for all classes on the mats. No bare feet.

Firearms courses

  • Long pants with belt loops
  • Shoes/boots that provide support
  • Appropriate clothing for outdoor conditions when classes are outside.

Workshops & Seminars

  • Ground fighting – street clothes or any Gi maybe worn. If you wear a Gi: t-shirt under the Gi top is required. 
  • Defensive Knife class – street clothes
  • Women’s Self Defense – street clothes or athletic wear with t-shirt
  • Clean socks are required for all classes on the mats. No bare feet.

2. Are there pre-requisites?

Yes, for some classes there are pre-requisites . Contact us for details.

3. What if I want or need more time to master the skills in a Phase of Firearms Training?

At anytime you can schedule a Private Lesson for extra instruction. You can also repeat a Phase to get more exposure, instruction and practice on the skills in that Phase.

4. What if I need to re-schedule class?

We do our best to accommodate schedule changes. If you need to reschedule, please contact us as soon as possible. Rescheduling fees apply. Refer to our Cancelation & Rescheduling Policy for details.

5. What if I need to cancel a class I have already paid for?

At Urban Defense Academy, we understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may arise that require you to cancel your scheduled class. We strive to provide the best service to our clients while considering the availability of our resources. No refunds will be issued for cancellations within 2 weeks of a scheduled class. Please contact us for a copy of our complete cancelation policy.

6. What about the weather?

We operate rain or shine, hot or cold. If the weather or road conditions are too dangerous (e.g. ice storm) we will make a call to either swap outdoor range training for an indoor training day and go out to the range the following class period, or in extreme situations will reschedule. Be prepared for outdoor seasonal weather conditions for outdoor training days.

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