Handgun Fundamentals Class

handgun fundamentals

6wk or 4wk format (12hrs)

This course is for anyone, who wants to become more familiar with the pistol, how it works and how to improve results.

We have a proven curriculum that will give you the tools needed for:

Absolute Safety
Equipment and Modes of Carry
Loading and Unloading
Hands on Manipulation
Proper Sighting Principles
Marksmanship Principles
Proper Shooting Postures
Introduction to Overcoming Malfunctions

A free evaluation is required prior to the first class to assess your equipment and discuss your goals.

Equipment: It is not required to have your own gun at this point. We can help educate you on the various factors to help you make an informed decision on equipment that best fits your situation. This is just one of the things we’ll talk about during the evaluation.

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