Ten Chi Wa – Emblem

Ten Chi Wa Emblem

Displayed in the dojo is a template image of my teacher’s dojo patch. Sensei Chadwick Minge designed the emblem using the Mythical Dragon, the Tiger and the Kanji Wa.

The dragon symbolizes the powers of heaven (Ten) and the tiger represent the powers of Earth (Chi). These characterizations of the powers of Heaven and Earth have been part of Eastern lore for a long long time.

The Kanji in the center is pronounce Wa. Wa translated into english is Harmony.

The eternal conflict or struggle between the powers of heaven and earth produce a balance or harmony. Therefore, we get Ten Chi Wa (Heaven Earth Harmony).

We have published a series of blog posts about some of the other additions to our school that are Gifts from My Teacher. We share some of the lore and history that goes with them. We are honored to have them in our dojo.

If you would like to read the series in order of publishing they are as follows:

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