Principles of Achieving Success

Principles of Achieving Success

These are the Principles of Achieving Success

At the Shin Gan Dojo and Urban Defense Academy, we use the Principles of Achieving Success to reach our goal of obtaining mastery of Ninpo Taijutsu and Armed Self Defense.

Black Belt is only the gateway, the first goal. Mastery of the art is the ultimate goal. To achieve mastery in any endeavor we must first master these six principles of action.


The readiness to act or do something gladly.

Willingness is the principle that creates ideas and dreams. Nothing can happen until one is willing to make something happen.


The quality that enables one to face fear or danger with confidence.

Courage takes us from the thought stage to the actual journey. It motivates us to change ideas from dreams into reality. Courage moves us through our fears and causes us to take action toward our goals.


A pledge or obligation to follow a course of action.

Commitment is the principle that drives us to start our goals. When we commit to do something and do it without fail, be begin to create our character; match our words with our actions, and make things happen.


The act of doing something to perfection.

Discipline is continually repeating positive action in order to continually get positive results. It turns a skilled man into a master craftsman.


The ability to calmly endure hardships or annoyances.

Patience allows us to wait calmly for the perfect window of opportunity. With patience, great results will appear through the passage of time.


Keeping a course of action no matter what.

Perseverance is the principle that drives us to complete our goals, never giving up until we do achieve them, regardless of the difficulty we encounter.

These principles are guaranteed to help you obtain any kind of success, skill, or even overcome hardships in life. These are the Principles to Achieving Success.

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