Congratulations on passing your Black Belt test!

black belt 6 ft staff

Congratulations to Dan Canale for passing his Black Belt test for Sho Dan in Kukishin Ryu Roshaku Bo Jutsu!

Kukishin Ryu Roshaku Bo Jutsu is the classical battlefield art of the 6 foot staff against an attacker with a sword.

Dan began training with Sensei Brian in Sparks, Nevada around 2005. He studied the Traditional Ninpo Taijutsu unarmed martial art, the Roshaku Bo (6ft staff), Kenjutsu (Japanese sword), and Hanbo (3ft staff).

Dan’s passion for martial arts led him to commit to entering our Instructor Program and begin assisting with teaching Traditional Ninpo Taijutsu at Shin Gan Dojo in Sparks, Nevada until 2017 when he moved to Texas for his career. He continued to practice on his own until we re-connected in Liberty Hill, Texas at Shin Gan Dojo at Urban Defense Academy in 2021.

What’s next for Dan?

He is shifting his focus to master the Hanbo (3ft staff). The classical Hanbo curriculum is also a part of the larger art of Kukishin Ryu.

Please join us in congratulating him!

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