Kids Martial Arts

kids martial arts

Kids martial arts classes in Liberty Hill, Texas for ages 6-17yrs.

Martial arts training is an opportunity for kids to learn discipline, improve focus, coordination, learn to achieve goals, gain confidence and learn self-defense.

Kids work directly with fellow students to learn punching, kicking and blocking attacks. Kids will learn how to roll and fall. These skills will enable them to recover from throws and take-downs. They will learn to set up and execute throws and take-downs.

Kids will gain skill to retain their own balance (or center) while taking the attackers balance. Kids will learn basic joint locks, and begin learning some pressure points. They will also learn some Japanese etiquette and terminology. Sparing with partners helps kids learn actual body mechanics and how techniques work in real life.

The skills kids learn apply to real world self defense. The traditional Japanese ryu ha (school or teachings) were originally developed and used on the battlefields of ancient Japan. We preserve the tradition, while ensuring understanding of how this defensive art can be applied today.

What equipment does my child need?

Only a uniform. We do not pad up. Our students train with a partner in a controlled manner to facilitate learning body mechanics and how techniques actually work on the body.

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