The Three-Spoke Wheel of Success

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The Three-Spoke Wheel of Success

In order for any type of schooling to be successful you need three spokes in the wheel of success. That is to say, we need three people who have complete commitment to the success of the student. They are: the teachers, the parents and the students. 

If any one person in the triad fails to do their part, problems will only be overcome if the other two people have a strong will to succeed. When two of the three people fail, success is nearly impossible. If all three have no drive to help the student succeed, there is no chance for success. On the other hand, if all three people are committed to the student’s success, then all academic problems can be overcome. 

Which Students Succeed 

Over the years I’ve watched many of our martial arts students come and go. I’ve pondered this question many times: Who sticks with it and why? Having watched the ones who have accomplished a significant amount of success, I’ve finally concluded that these successful ones have all three spokes of the wheel of success. Mainly, three people committed to their success: The interested student, the committed parent and the involved teacher. Lets look at these parts briefly and see what all this has to do with martial arts, the Shin Gan Dojo and Urban Defense Academy and your kids. 

The Teacher 

Here at the Shin Gan Dojo and Urban Defense Academy we promote a culture of success. Sensei and our Instructors have a genuine concern for our students and for passing on a genuine martial art. We provide a professional atmosphere where you and your kids can be free of distractions. We also provide a fun, safe and exciting place to train in. Our routine is a regimen that our students can rely on. They know exactly what to expect each time they come. 

To ensure high quality long-term students, we do not allow lackadaisical, uninterested, unengaged or absentee students to stay that way. This helps us to provide an atmosphere conducive to proper training where we can provide the instruction necessary for our students to become black belts. 

By changing poor quality students into productive students we can keep them from slowing down the progress of the whole class. In this way we promote the culture of success. 

The Parents 

In order for our students to grow and for us to maintain high quality martial artists, parents must also be involved in the culture of success. Their part is getting the student to the scheduled classes on time with regularity. Help the student study the technique names and memorize the movements. Participate in dojo functions when possible. Help the student stay committed and focused during the tough and tedious portions of their training regimen. Remind them of their progress and the positive changes that you’ve witnessed and reinforce the Principles of Achieving Success. 

The Student 

The student is responsible for attending the provided classes with full attention and respect; To arrive prepared with training manual and full uniform; To take classes seriously when training; Commit to understanding the martial art techniques, strategies and philosophy; Learn and take to heart the Principles of Achieving Success. 

With each person doing their part, the system will be effective and the student will prosper.

Sensei Brian Simmons 

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