Abduction Prevention for Kids

Abduction Prevention
Kids learn about identifying strangers, verbal commands and physical defense techniques for their age.

This is an interactive class for kids.

They will learn about different types of strangers (good and bad), they will learn and practice how to use their voice and when that is appropriate, and they will learn and practice some physical defense appropriate to their age.

We limit this class to 10 kids each class.

Kids Age 6-9 – Abduction Prevention
Kids Age 10-13 Abduction Prevention

We also teach a more mature version of Abduction Prevention for Young Adults / Teens.

Empower your kids with tools and knowledge to protect themselves and increase their opportunities for staying safe.

This workshop is designed for Kids. Content is adjusted to their maturity level and understanding.

Sensei Brian Simmons has been teaching Kids how to stay safe for over 25 years.

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