Adults & Young Adults Stick Fighting Course

teens stick fighting class

This is a stick fighting course for Adults and Young Adults, ages 14+, we will explore the use of the Hanbo (3ft staff)

Bo Jutsu is a stick fighting art, commonly referred to as Bo Staff training or Stick Fighting. Bo Jutsu is a classical Japanese martial art. The traditional Japanese ryu ha (school or teachings) were originally developed and used on the battlefields of ancient Japan.

You will learn and practice katas and wazas. Katas are forms or individual movements with the Bo Staff. Wazas are techniques you work with a partner. You will practice both in this class.

Our curriculum for Adults & Young Adults Stick Fighting class comes from the Japanese ryu ha (school) of Kukishin Ryu Bojutsu. You will learn traditional curriculum and gain understanding on practical modern use.

Our objective is two-fold. One, we preserve the traditions, etiquette and principles of this art. Two, we show how this defensive art can be applied today.

Equipment Requirements: Uniform, Hanbo (3ft stick). Included in Registration Fees.

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