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We specialize in firearms training, self defense, and traditional martial arts in Liberty Hill, Texas.

Our certified instructors provide the highest level of instruction and safety. Beginners and experienced shooters of all ages will find classes tailored to their needs. Self defense classes are focused on providing skills and techniques to help protect in any situation. Traditional martial arts classes offer an enjoyable way to get fit and learn self-defense. Classes are designed for people of all skill levels. Book your class today and learn how to protect yourself and stay fit at the same time!

Our job is to give the physical and psychological means of stopping transgressors. Your job is to prepare yourself mentally and physically; to understand that this is a Warrior’s Art; to work hard on the lessons; put in the practice time necessary; bring a serious attitude toward Life and Death matters; and put the shooting and skills connected with it in their proper perspective.

Another thing we do is we conduct regular workshops on practical subjects, like weapon disarming, pistol and rifle retention, how to fall and be thrown, and to roll instead of falling, how to survive and get away from a ground fight such as during a riot, dirty ground fighting concepts in case you’ve found yourself on the ground.

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