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Protecting one's life, liberty and property are fundamental God-given rights. We help you enhance your ability in this area by providing training designed to help you develop the mindset and skills to survive a deadly encounter.

Our Vision is to provide practical training solutions for people from all walks of life. Our courses are designed to build competence for all experience levels.

Our Mission is to help you learn to recognize threats, provide guidance in cultivating a survival mindset, teach skills that can help you survive a violent attack, teach principles of pistol and rifle craft that can be applied to any situation, provide traditional martial arts training that can be applied to the real world.

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Constant diligence and practice will transform knowledge (how to do something) into a working part of our body (skillset), and that takes time.

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Latest Articles

Traditional Martial Arts – Kids (ages 6-13)

We teach kids traditional Japanese martial arts. Kids learn from a set curriculum that includes punching, kicking and blocking attacks. They will learn how to roll and fall. These skills will enable them to recover from throws and take-downs. They will learn to set up …

Rape Prevention Workshops

Learn about survival mindset and practice physical defense techniques. This is an interactive self defense class for rape prevention.

Phase 1 Pistol Course – Foundation

This course is for anyone, who wants to become more familiar with the pistol and improve handgun fundamentals.