Women’s Self-Defense Class

women's self-defense

Women’s self-defense class. Build confidence, awareness mindset and physical defense skills.

This class will give you the tools to effectively protect yourself.

Keep in mind that women are built differently than men. Generally men are bigger and stronger. So, do not try to fight like a man. Do not get mesmerized by movies showing female heroines out boxing men. Your job is to fight just like a woman; naturally and viciously! Understand that the female body is strongest at the hips and legs. Use them to your advantage.

These martial art exercises are designed to familiarize us with the most expedient anatomical weapons we have. We’ll first work them as solo isometric exercises, then we’ll apply them on the padded shields to practice impacting the target zones. Finally we’ll test our abilities by stringing them together against each other and an attacker.

You will learn punching, kicking, blocking and explore what to do if the fight goes to the ground.

Women’s self-defense class may be ongoing weekly or as a workshop.

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