I Can’t See My Red Dot…Is it my eyes?

red dot pistol sight

My eyes are failing, I can’t see my sight or red dot.

I just heard this from a seasoned competition shooter. I started to analyze his statement and began quizzing him on his dilemma.

Low and behold, he didn’t have any deterioration of his eyes at all. He doesn’t need glasses. He doesn’t have trouble seeing other objects. So, the problem isn’t his eyes.

I have run into this dilemma before in different variations. But it’s hard to tell a seasoned shooter that he is missing fundamentals and has a misunderstanding of what those fundamentals are.

So, if he doesn’t have an eye issue, what is the problem?

What we are experiencing is a shooting posture problem, or a gross misunderstanding of how to use the firearm’s sights.

Some teach that sighted shooting is superfluous and antiquated when it comes to pistol. I would counter that argument with a question: why do manufacturers place sights on pistol at all – if they were not intended to be used?

Another friend of mine complains that his pistol shooting sucks; that he’s much better at shooting rifle. Again, after quizzing him briefly, he doesn’t use his sights when shooting pistol. Meanwhile, he always uses his sights when shooting rifle. Why can’t he see his contradiction in principle?

Popular Shooting Techniques versus Fundamental Shooting Techniques

It seems to me, modern day pistol techniques neglect the principles of the pistol craft as set down by our last two generations of shooters and fighters.

Many shooters, who have some level of experience, who come to me for training have a hard time explaining what they are doing or why they are doing it.

If you have a strong objection to sighted fire, and you can articulate what and why you have that objection, then this article is not meant for you.

But if you are shooting without understanding your shooting posture, or if you don’t know the different shooting postures, or if you don’t know whether you are or are not point shooting, here is a set of questions you might ask when looking for a shooting instructor:

What is sighted fire? Where did it come from? Why is it effective? Is it ever not effective? Do you teach it?

What is point shooting? Where does it come from? Why is it effective? Is it ever not effective? Do you teach it?

Here at Urban Defense Academy we favor the Weaver Stance and use sighted fire. When necessary the Weaver stance can be used for point shooting. The Isosceles shooting posture is a point shooting only posture. Its nature is not conducive to sighted fire.

When a Person doesn’t Understand Which is Which.

I see the error all the time. When a person misuses his firing posture, critical shots will not hit with any sort of reliable accuracy. Don’t try to use the Isosceles for sighted fire.

Don’t be that person without the fundamental principles. If you understand the principles you can always abandon them if you think you have a better method. But you can never abandon or adopt a principle you do not have.

Join us and learn to hit your target with regularity not luck. 

Proof is on the paper.

Author: Brian Simmons

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