Rape Prevention Workshops

self defense for women

Adults & Young Adults

This is an interactive, hands-on self defense class. They will learn about survival mindset and practice physical defense techniques.

Attendance per class – max 12 students

Young Adults Age 14-17 Abduction & Rape Prevention / Self Defense
Adults 18+ Abduction & Rape Prevention / Self Defense

Trafficking, kidnapping and violent crimes against young people are a horrific trend in today’s society.

Empower your teens and young adults with tools and knowledge to protect themselves and increase their opportunities for staying safe.

In this class you will learn physical defense techniques. Practice isometric exercises and then application against a partner. 

How to deal with: 

Wrist grabs 

Being pinned 

Blocking and striking and more…

Content is adjusted based on age, maturity level and understanding. Mature content is covered in this class.

Also consider enrolling in a Pistol Course for self defense. Equip yourself with the tools to survive!

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