Enjoy the Photo Gallery featuring pictures of our students and instructors in firearms training classes, self defense workshops and martial arts training.

Firearms Training

We combine traditional martial arts study with the comprehensive world of firearms, both pistol and rifle. Thereby, we bridge the gap between armed and unarmed defense. Our programs effectively give the average citizen the tools necessary to save one’s life.

The training we do here is realistic and practical. Our focus is to teach you how to defend yourself with your firearms, other tools, or unarmed if necessary.

Self-Defense Training

Our job is to give the physical and psychological means of stopping transgressors. Your job is to prepare yourself mentally and physically; to understand that this is a Warrior’s Art; to work hard on the lessons; put in the practice time necessary; bring a serious attitude toward Life and Death matters; and put the skills connected with it in their proper perspective.

Martial Arts Training

Ninjutsu and Jujustu are traditional Japanese martial art as well as a practical self defense martial art. We teach a cohesive curriculum in the adults martial arts class that includes punching, kicking and blocking attacks. You will learn how to roll and fall. These skills will enable you to recover from throws and take-downs. You will learn to set up and execute throws and take-downs. Gain skill to retain your own balance (or center) while taking the attackers balance. You will also learn joint locks, and pressure points. 

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