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This page will provide you with some general information and over view of some of the training we provide.

We believe that learning to use a firearm for personal protection is the fastest and most expedient way of gaining skill to protect oneself. It is the great equalizer. We have a handgun training program that will teach you everything necessary to use the firearm for self defense.

Handgun training will provide you with skills and knowledge to protect yourself and your family.


If you’re a beginner, we have a proven curriculum that will give you the tools needed for:

Absolute Safety
Equipment and Modes of Carry
Loading and Unloading
Hands on Manipulation
Proper Sighting Principles
Marksmanship Principles
Proper Shooting Postures
Overcoming Malfunctions
Self Defense Tactics
Harries Flashlight Techniques (low-light/no-light scenarios)
Plus we answer all your questions and address your weaknesses…

Experienced Students

If you’re an experienced shooter, we can help you fine tune and clean up all aspects, including posture, presentation, trigger control, sight picture analysis, low-light procedures, strategy, situational assessment, and more.


We teach from structured curriculum developed from our experience. This adds consistency to content and quality. We are flexible and maintain the ability to adapt to the learning styles and experience levels of each student.

Safety Training

  • Basic Safety Rules
  • Equipment and Modes of Carry
  • Safety Manipulation Training
  • Loading and Unloading Manipulation
  • Press Check Manipulation

Dry Firing Drills

  • Sight Alignment Exercises
  • Sight Picture Exercises
  • Trigger Control Exercises
  • Low Ready Position
  • Pistol Presentation (Drawing the Pistol)
  • Magazine Change #1
  • Immediate Action Drill for Malfunction #1
  • Magazine Change #2
  • Immediate Action Drill for Malfunction #2
  • Introduce Shooting Position #2
  • Introduce Shooting Position #3
  • Drawing from Concealed
  • How to Search and Clear
  • Harries Flashlight Technique (low-light/no-light scenarios)
  • Moving with the Pistol / Footwork
  • Drawing and Moving
  • Throughout the course of training there will be regular review and repetitive practice of skills learned

Live Fire Days

  • Basic Drills – put into action the skills learned and practiced during dry-fire
  • Incorporate Recharging Drills / Magazine Changes
  • Immediate Action Drills / Malfunction Drills 
  • Practice New Shooting Positions
  • Drawing from Concealed
  • Incorporating Search and Clear concepts
  • Harries Flashlight Technique (low-light/no-light scenarios)
  • Incorporate Moving with the Pistol
  • Drawing and Moving
  • Understanding your strong points
  • Discovering your weaknesses – make corrections and note areas for additional focus during dry-fire training

Our experience shows that it takes about 40 hours of handgun training to progress through all of the material in this curriculum.

We provide continuing training beyond what is listed above. Talk with us about additional training and how we can meet your goals.

We offer different pricing options to fit your personal circumstances. Please see our Memberships page or give us a call to talk about the best option. Make a beginning. Get started training!

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